• Long term benefits,
    not long term contracts.

    We believe that one of the main benefits of education is having choices. That’s why you will never be asked to sign a long term contract or be forced into buying a predetermined number of sessions. Our contracts are flexible, month-to-month agreements that can be cancelled at anytime, with no additional fees to you.

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  • It's your education.
    But we take it personally.

    Our background is education, not business. That’s why our primary motivation is to help our students gain important life-long skills and make progress in their studies. We judge our success not on the number of clients we retain, but on the successes of our students.

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Increase Your SAT Score with Tri-Ed


Getting into your first choice school could rest upon a good performance on the SAT. At Tri-Ed, we can increase your scores and help you reach your goal. Guaranteed.

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